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“Did I ever think that I would see a durag on the cover of Vogue? Rinse it out afterwards and apply your moisturizer or brushing cream and soft brush then durag. It’s scientifically proven that the team plays better when the fans are swagged out. We recommend every hat on the list, but some will suit certain runners better than others. You might not be able to wear this one in the summer months, but for the spring and fall season, it will be a stylish – if not a bit flashy – option. Add on a baseball hat to your fall trench coat and sneaker uniform to give it a sporty twist. Hidden zipper pockets add function, while a fun mini-anchor pattern, deep V-neck, flounce skirt and contrast striped tipping on the collar and armbands add delightful yet understated pizzazz. Laser-cut vent holes add additional cooling, and a flexible brim can easily adjust for a custom fit.

Ok, maybe it’s not an item you can wear, but you have to admit that these plushie hot dog chew toys and beer bottle chew toys for pets are pretty awesome. You have to ask the other girls to chip in something. Have a fall lake or camping trip planned? Transition a baseball cap into fall by coupling it with various plaid prints and chunky combat boots. A baseball cap is a great option for keeping your hair out of your face. If you want to talk noteworthy baseball cap moments, go as far back as Princess Diana in 1988 at Guards Polo Club in Windsor (shown below). StickyCheck. Guess two breakout stars so far. The FootJoy ICON Black combines the timeless look of a classic pair of spikes — which Titleist knows a thing or two about — with modern innovations for peak performance (ditto). Whether you are a Mariners fan, or prefer another team, here’s a look around the web at a few options to help you update your gameday attire before your local stadium opens their grounds and fans return to the stands.

Some of the earliest teams took the field in oddly formal attire. Teams slowly began wearing pinstripes and other patterns. Some brain-scanning research rises from the informative to the truly startling, like decoding—looking at brain activity patterns to figure out what somebody is seeing, or even thinking about. Scientists watched what one observer called a “jaw dropping” movie that showed activation of a part of the brain that handles visual information. If you’re not one to jump in the ocean, consider a maxi skirt or dress and casual sandals as showcased above. If you’re on a budget, or just cruising for a deal, here’s a quick look at sale item options for you in case any of the above items didn’t float your boat or you just want to save some money. But regardless, you’re here to check out new items. I bought them from.” After 15 years, she finally needed them out of the way. Make your way to Billy Sunday for a comedy show featuring stand-up comedian Shaine Lane.

He’s spending more time around the house these days, so a new pair of denim-inspired slippers will make for a much-needed wardrobe upgrade. Stroman, 30, didn’t directly criticize Brenly, who is white, but replied to a fan’s tweet by saying the “media will turn this against me somehow” if he did. The family did reopen its doors last summer, holding a CFS fundraiser that drew about 100 people, including the mayor of Palo Alto, and plenty of media attention. Take advantage of the last beach days of the season. Choose a colorful style to contrast your outfit, or opt for a designer iteration for a luxurious take. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Rihanna any more, she’s making our jaws drop on the May cover of British Vogue in an array of designer ensembles. Read the full feature in the May issue of British Vogue, available via free digital download and on newsstands this Friday.

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